Our Story

Casey and the Ambex Coffee RoasterEight years ago a boy met a girl at college orientation.  The girl seemed peculiar and the boy, well he was a boy. The girl was crazy, loud, and full of life. She was unlike anyone he had ever met, the boy began to take a liking to her and one day something happened that would forever change them both, he brought her a cup of coffee.  That first cup was from a convenience store. Kind of disgusting, we know! But we were naïve. That’s the beauty of coffee. It’s a never ending journey of perfection. In our search for the perfect cup we found ourselves living near Tokyo, Japan, and for the first time we experienced really great coffee. Checking out local shops and roasters became an obsession. We would literally plan our train routes in and out of the city around cafes.  Since we lived outside the city it was difficult for us to get our artisan coffee fix midweek and decided it best to start roasting coffee at home. Our first roaster was a stovetop popcorn popper. After exhausting the popper and developing bulging triceps from spinning the popper while roasting, we bought our first home roaster. Now, two continents, three children, and thousands of cups of coffee later we decided to launch Jolly Roasters, a local, veteran owned Virginia Beach coffee roaster committed to helping people experience the joy of the perfect cup. #getjolly




The coffees we drink so effortlessly and relentlessly have been on quite a journey to reach our cups. The farmers who grew them, the sun that warmed them and the hands that carried them from distant lands to our door have all played a vital role in fostering the flavors in each bean. As roasters we have the privilege of unlocking all the beauty and taste that has been cultivated along the way. Each time a bag of coffee arrives at the door it is an exciting new adventure - an opportunity to craft something extraordinary.#getjolly